Venezia Drivers are experienced, knowledgeable, courteous, and professional.


Established in 1967, VENEZIA was founded on the principle that a trucking company should work hard to provide reliable service to their customers. It is the efforts of all the members of the organization who keep the commitment alive.


Driver Managers focus entirely on contact and scheduling with our drivers to assure prompt action to service customer orders.

Customer Service Representatives coordinate their efforts with Driver Managers to provide around-the-clock accessibility.

Equally important to Customer Satisfaction is Driver Satisfaction.  We continually strive to ensure that the relationship between the driver and the company is mutually beneficial and satisfying. Our Recruiting and Retention program has us seeking the best drivers and doing everything possible to meet their needs. 

Please feel free to surf around the site.  If you meet the Minimum Hiring Qualifications, we encourage you to complete our 100% paperless online application.

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